Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Welcome to Kaizen Analytics!

So that’s it. I did it and started my own blog on guess what - Web Analytics. Yes one more to the long list of WA blogs. The idea has been growing for months and I finally decided to make the final step. So here’s KAIZEN Analytics.

This introduction post will be my “About me & my blog” page before moving on with my real first post. So here we go!

Who am I?
Blog ready to take off!
I’m Michael Notté, Belgian (French speaking), working as a Web Analytics Specialist at Toyota Motor Europe. I’m based in Brussels, Belgium (for those who wonder where is that little country, it’s here). To make the story short, I’m basically managing and developing all Web Analytics related projects & activities for Toyota and its premium brand, Lexus, on a Pan-European level. That's quite a lot of work but very exciting one.

I got enrolled in the Web Analytics Association (WAA) after Jim Sterne pinned me at the London eMetrics 2007 summit. Since then I participated as a speaker at various WAA sponsored events such as the first Belgian Web Analytics Wednesday, WAA Webcast or more recently at this year London eMetrics summit.

Why starting (another) blog on Web Analytics?
That’s a good question. Ok, let’s say it straight – my intent is neither to become the next Avinash / Eric nor to compete with them or other famous “gurus”. I do not do this to become the next “influencer”. It is much more humble than that.

That's it. I'm a new entry of the blogosphereI would never have been able to get where I am in Web Analytics without the help of many people whether from our WA agency or from the Web community. They have been great help. I am really grateful to them. Because I fully share this open-mind spirit of the WA community, I feel it is time for me also to help others who are involved in Web Analytics. When you are struggling, it motivates you and makes you feel less alone, when you hear others who have been through challenges and obstacles you are facing. And how they went through these (when they did :-)).

I don't know if I can say that without looking like a “geek” but I’m quite passionate about Web Analytics. Get me started on this and you will have hard time to stop me. So blogging will help me channeling all this enthusiasm :-)

Finally, one of the things that convinced me to make the step was Avinash’s post on the benefits of blogging. It is all your fault Avinash! ;)

What will it be all about?
You already got it that main topic will be about Web Analytics. More precisely, I will share some of my personal experience, tips, best practices and all this kind of things- the usual stuff.

As a practitioner, I will also share my thoughts on the evolution of the Web Analytics industry, on on-going debates within our community, on articles or whatever related news. Just for the pleasure of discussing such topics with other peers.

Because I’m in the automotive industry, I may talk also about it, about cars, the Internet and web-marketing related topics. So it may not be always about Web Analytics.

Because this blog will come on top of my quite busy private life (note to my employer: no, I do not write my posts during working hours ;-)), I will do my best to post a “full-featured” article regularly with smaller “appetizer” posts in between.

Why the name “KAIZEN Analytics”?
KAIZEN = Continuous improvementAgain, you can guess the “analytics” part of the name. What about the “Kaizen” part? It refers to my current employer where “Kaizen” is a core value, a philosophy. It is a Japanese term that means “continuous improvement”. And because Web Analytics is about “continuous improvement” applied to the online world, I thought it would make a great title for my blog. Wouldn’t it?

I talk more about Kaizen in my first post.

What else?
Blogging is a new experience for me so I'm giving myself a "trial" period to see if it will be a success or not (of course I've clearly defined my own criterias for success :-)). Time will tell.

This introduction post is already too long. If you read it all then I’m already impressed. Thanks for that. I won’t add anything more except that I really hope that you will enjoy the read. It’s time now for the first post!

Thanks to:
Aurélie, René and all the nice folks at OX2. Your help and support is priceless. People from Toyota & Lexus Marketing team for giving me great opportunities. My manager for supporting me in my WA career. The WA community for their help & support.

Special thanks to my wife for her support...and love!


  1. Hi Michaël,

    Welcome to the blogosphere, and thank you for your kind words. It is also a pleasure for us to have you as customer ;-)

    Looking forward to read your future posts.


    Founder OX2

  2. Hi Michael, great blog, i just wanted to let you know that there is a tiny typo in your bio (see "more" repeated twice):
    You just stepped in Michael Notté's personal blog on Web Analytics. I have worked as Web Analytics Specialist at Toyota Motor Europe for more more than 6 years and I am now working for a major European bank.

    You can delete this comment once fixed ;)


  3. Hi Maya,

    Thanks for the comment and for noticing the type in the bio. I really appreciate and made arrangements to it.

    I have left your comment - so I can thank you official :-)




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