Friday, November 21, 2008

Actionable Analytics – The Sherman’s Lagoon way

Sherman the Shark It’s Friday! Is there a better time to have a little fun? Especially in this depressing recession context, it can't do any harm...

I’m a fan of Sherman’s Lagoon comic from Jim Tooney. Very funny cartoon! While reading early books, I found one particular strip that amused me a lot and thought that it would make a very good illustration of how actionable analytics often look like in many companies. So I tweaked it a little - I only had to replace pizza ingredients by metrics & banner designs. For the rest, the original spirit is there.

So are you doing actionable analytics the Sherman’s way? :-)

Enjoy & have a nice weekend!

Sherman's Lagoon does Web Analytics
(Click on the image for full size)

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  1. Hi Michael, Thanks for taking the time & effort to modify this comic strip. It's an excellent strip and one that I can really relate to - Nice One!


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