Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Google SearchWiki - customize your search results

I accidently did a search directly in Chrome address bar and so it used and not the local version to do the search. "Hey, what's this?!", I thought to myself as I noticed something new in the search results: new icons next to search result titles. I moused over the icons. The first one showed "Promote" while the second displayed "Remove". Next to the URL of the page, another new icon was also added. "Comment" says the description. 

My curiosity made me click on the "promote" and a description appeared. Google offers you to customize your search results! Doh!

The new service, called SearchWiki, allows you to re-rank, delete, add and comment on your own search results. It only affects your search results but comments are shared with other searchers. (Note: you need to have a Google account and sign in)

Google SearchWiki
Impressive. Another example of Google incremental innovation and how they continuously improve their services (in true sense of Kaizen :-))

I just wonder how this will impact search engine optimization techniques & best practices. For the moment, it is only available on but I guess like most services, it will be rolled out to local engines soon or later. For sure it will give more work to SEO experts. In my opinion, it will make Search Engine Optimization more important than ever in order to have attractive and relevant titles & descriptions in the search listings. Otherwise, searchers will just wipe you out...for ever?

While I have some experience in SEO, I am curious to get any SEO expert views on this new service. Do not hesitate to share & post your opinion.

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