Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Web analytics professionals from Belgium – let’s unite!

My first act as Web Analytics Association (WAA) Country Manager for Belgium, I would like to startthe embryo of a Belgian Web Analytics community. Well, that the idea :-). With the increasing adoption of social media, I have decided to use two of the most popular networking sites, LinkedIn and Facebook to help me in building such community group. So I am pleased to launch two new social groups related to Web Analytics in Belgium – each serving a specific (but related) purpose.

Web Analytics Belgium - LinkedIn group
Web Analytics Belgium - LinkedIn GroupDedicated to the local Web Analytics community in Belgium, this LinkedIn group is open to practitioners, consultants and vendors in the field of web analytics or with related interests (search analytics, search engine marketing, online strategy, website optimization, behavioural target and the Internet marketing in general).

The group main goals are to allow members to network, to discuss about Web Analytics related topics, to share own experience (at local level) & tips, to help each other, to share news and to keep members informed about any local events that relate to our industry.

It is also open for recruiters to post specific offers on the Belgian market and to look for experienced candidates – yes, companies & agencies start to actively recruit in our small country.

All in all the LinkedIn group is meant to be used as a “professional” group. There is already a Belgian e-marketing group with more than 1000 members so I hope that part of these people may be involved or interested in Web Analytics as well. As we said in the Dutch part of the country "we zullen zien"!

Web Analytics Wednesday Belgium – Facebook group
Web Analytics Wednesday Belgium - Facebook GroupWeb Analytics Wednesday (WAW) is the world's only distributed networking event for web analytics professionals. Open to everyone, Web Analytics Wednesday (aka WAW) is a free event allowing you to meet folks with similar interests in Web Analytics. As country manager for the Web Analytics Association, I hope that such events will take place in a "not-too-far" future.

Aimed at the same audience as the LinkedIn group (i.e. practitioners, consultants and vendors in the field of web analytics or related interests), the Facebook group will be used in a more “informal” way.

Its goal is to keep members updated about coming Web Anaylitcs Wednesday events (or similar events) but also past events with photos, summaries, related links...

So join this Facebook group to stay informed of all coming WAW & Web Analytics related events in Belgium.

Join NOW!
So do not hesitate to join any of these groups (or both) and please, pass the message around!

If you have any question or comment, please contact me (michaelnotte at yahoo.fr or via LinkedIn).

Join the Web Analytics Belgium group NOW! 


  1. Good move and nice starting point!

  2. Thanks. I'm happy to see people joining both groups - consultants, agencies & practioners - and some strong interest as well.

    Very encouraging!



  3. Your posting is so valuable. Thanks for your posting.



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