Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Merry Christmas & Warm Wishes for 2009!

2008 comes to an end and it is time for the traditional seasonal greetings, to look back at the finishing year before making predictions for the coming one.

I will not make it long - after all I am in holidays and right now I am even alone with my three little ones while my wife is doing last Christmas shopping. So, I have to do a lot of multi-tasking :-)

2008 has been a really exciting year - many achievements and great projects whether professional or personal like this blog. The end of the year was quite tough with the economic crisis that striked hard many industries including the automotive one, severe budget cuts and some uncertainty for the future. However, as I like to say: "never surrender"! I left aside the dramatic way to approach the difficult context and decided to see it as an unique opportunity to change the way we do online business. An unique opportunity to leverage Web Analytics practices and adoption within my company. That what I will try my best to do next year (and probably many other things). It will be my "live or die" quest... :-)

I started this blog after Mid-August and set to myself a "trial" period. The experience has been really great so far, going further most of my expectations. So, no reason to stop (according to well defined KPI's based on my "business" objectives but I won't bother you with the details :-)).

I owe you and I would like to thank all of you - who are reading my blog regularly or on occasions. I hope you will continue to enjoy it as much as I do. I will do my best to do so and to continuously improve my blog (any suggestion is always welcome of course).

I wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

See you in 2009!

Meery Christmas & Warm wishes for 2009


  1. Any chance of a 'Top 5 best analytics' list for 2008?
    Anyway: it's your blog, not mine.

    Happy New year to you, and keep up the good work!

  2. Thanks Stefaan!

    Mmmh, I will see what I can do - I will try to think about my personal "top 5 analytics".




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