Thursday, January 8, 2009

Dear Readers - Let me hear your voice

It is time to hear your voice"People love to talk if you give them a chance; they are after all, your customers" said once a wise man (who is now working as the Web Analytics evangelist in a very well know company :-)).

I can't agree more with this quote - except that I don't have customers but readers (i.e. you!). Therefore I decided to give you a chance to talk. First, I will run a satisfaction survey using 4Q survey from iPerception and Avinash Kaushik (the author of the introduction quote) for few weeks. Later, I will probably use a less "intrusive" feedback collection method.

Why the hell would I want to listen to you? ;-)

First of all, it is part of my own Kaizen process - I would like to continuously improve the quality of my blog. To do so, I need to get a good understanding of how people feel about it. Do I write interesting stuff or not? Boring style? Too long? Too short? Bad layout? Let me know!

Secondly, I am a curious person, I want to know more. I already get a lot of information from Google Analytics data - the "what" & "when" - but I am missing the other important elements: the "why" & the "how". No way one can get these out from clickstream data.

Finally, I want to experiment a bit Voice of Customer (VOC) tools in order to extend my skills and experience, to put in practice all great advises from our favourite Web Analytics experts (it is part of the reasons why I am blogging: to try stuffs). VOC tools are key elements of any "advanced" analytical framework or approach- whether it is called "Website Optimization Ecosystem", "Trinity" or simply "Web Analytics 2.0". Such experience will be very useful also for some projects at work.

So if you get prompted, pleaaaaase take few seconds to fill in the survey. I would really appreciate.

Pleeease, let me know your feedback :-)

Thanks in advance!

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