Thursday, February 5, 2009

Eric T. Peterson's Big Book of KPI's available in French

the Big Book of KPIs in French!You may have already read the news if you are reading the LBi-OX2 blog but the folks over there (Julien Coquet with the support of Florence Moreau) have translated Eric T. Peterson's famous Big Book of KPI's in French. Cocorico! It is almost must have if you or your audience is French speaking - or a good opportunity to learn Edith Piaf's language with Web Analytitcs :-)

The book is exclusively available in electronic format for FREE on (you only need to register). The goal behind this initiative is to help promote Web Analytics practices and usage amongst France and other French speaking communities.

The Big Book of KPI's is a very interesting source of inspiration for finding ideas of KPI's even if I strongly believe that every site, every business is different. You will never find all the key performances indicators you need in a book - whether it is written by Eric T. Peterson or anyone else. What you will need is usually a mix between "standard" KPI's you will find in this book and tailored made KPI's. For the later, having a methodology like the Nokia methodology is a must have.

Well done to Julien and Florence for their contribution. It really deserves some applauses.

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