Thursday, May 14, 2009

Next Web Analytics Wednesday @ TheseDays (Antwerp): Understanding the value of social media!

Web Analytics Wednesday is back to AntwerpI am pleased to finally confirm that 3rd Belgian Web Analytics Wednesday will be held in June. For the occasion, WAW will go back to where it started this year. The event will be hosted by These Days. The event will take place in Antwerp at These Days office on the 3rd of June 2009, starting at 18:30.

WebTrends, the Analytics advisor, is generously sponsoring this WAW edition.
WebTrends - Your trusted Analytics Advisor
Social media: "Are you listening"?
I am really excited to announce that the main theme of this Web Analytics Wednesday will be all about "social media: listen, measure and engage!". Highly recommended to Web Analysts, marketing managers, online marketeers, media specialists, communication managers or anyone interested in leveraging the value of social media.

Bart De Waele from Talking HeadsIn the first session, Bart De Waele from Talking Heads, a company specialized in starting “conversations” on the social web will explain what can be the “value or ROI” of social conversations, why listening to these conversations is critical nowadays and how these can be measurable.

Radian6 - Social Media monitoring, measurement and engagementThe second session will focus on practical social media monitoring & measurement. It will start with practical presentation of Radian6 measurement solution with a real-case demonstration (by Siegert Dierickx from These Days). Maarten Sambre from WebTrends will then explain WebTrends new partnership with Radian6, why WebTrends & Radian6 are a perfect match and explore a bit WebTrends specific features.

The event will close with the traditional drinks and snacks where you will have the opportunity to network with peers, share ideas & experience about social media, web analytics, online marketing or whatever pleases you.

18:00: Venue opens & welcome
18:30: "The value or ROI of social conversations" by Bart De Waele from Talking Heads
19:45: "Listen, Measure, engage - Radian6 & WebTrends Social Measurement solution" by Siegert Dierickx from These Days and Maarten Sambre from WebTrends.
20:30: Networking, free drinks and snacks offered by WebTrends

(all presentations are held in English)

Do I still need to mention that this event like all Web Analytics Wednesdays is 100% free events?

You have NO excuse: register now!
The event is free by we invite you to register in advance. You can register here on the official WAW worldwide site (yes, Web Analytics Wednesdays are worldwide events, doh!).
Register to Web Analytics Wednesday in Antwerp @ These Days
The event is opened to anyone who has an interest in online marketing and communications. See below for summaries from previous events.

These Days and I hope to see you there on the 3rd of June!

Summaries from previous WAW's:

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  1. Hi Michael, I appreciate your comments on my blog, I posted a reply check it out if you have time.

    Nice call to action to register for the WAW Belgium event.

    I will be attending my first WAW in Toronto early June as well, looking forward to it. I've been really entrenching myself in online marketing these last few years, and I launched my blog as a test-bed to apply what I've learned, as well as networking. You only learn through practice after all.

    I think the Web Analytics Association is doing the most important thing for the web analytics industry right now, which is education / networking. It's also useful for the internet marketing industry as a whole.

    Anyways, I look forward to reading your future posts, I'll be blogging about the WAW Toronto, I'm assuming you will do one too, look forward to reading about it, try to get in a picture or two that makes the post so much more valuable!



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