Friday, June 5, 2009

Toyota Europe launches the Toyota Range Experience!

I usually try not to do (too much) propaganda for the company where I work but this time – I can not refrain myself. I am so excited by this new project that went live today on the Toyota European site and that will be rolled out to Toyota national websites across Europe in the coming weeks.

Welcome to the Toyota Range Experience
Today we launched a new “tool” – the Toyota Range Experience, a rich full screen environment that allows you to explore Toyota European model line-up.

Explore Toyota European model line-up with Toyota Range Experience
The “tool” was developed by our European agency – Amaze – and the Toyota Europe Web developers team. The main goal the tool is to increase Toyota model line-up & product knowledge while providing an emotional experience to the user in a "passive & relaxing" way.

Why am I so excited about this?
There are several reasons why I am so thrilled about this projec. First from an experience point of view. It is emotional, it is dynamic and stylish. It creates a special atmosphere. It will (we hope) certainly gives a more modern image of our brand. We really hope our customers and website visitors will enjoy it.

Full screen video & high quality CGI will allow you to see Toyota models like you have never seen before!

Secondly, from a technical point of view (this is the engineer part of me :-)): the content is full screen flash video featuring high quality computer generated images (CGI). Lot of efforts were put to deliver best possible performances on most broadband connections in order to not spoil the fun. A though challenge.

Finally, from a Web Analytics point of view. This project is the starting point of new Web Analytics project that will integrate quantitative and qualitative data. It will allow us to get all the insights we need to measure if we are successful but also to improve & deliver the best online experience to our customers. Future will tell.

In the meantime, please have a look and I hope you will enjoy the…experience!
(and please let us know what you think if you get prompted :-))

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