Thursday, August 20, 2009

Happy birthday Kaizen-Analytics!

What a cute 1 year birthday cake, isn't it?
One year ago, I started this blog – going one level further in my Web Analytics passion (or “geekiness” if you prefer :-)). 37 posts later, it is time to blow the first candle. The first one of a long serie? Well, I hope so.

It is personally an “emotional” milestone for me. I can not hide that this experience has been really thrilling. Yes, really. Running this blog is very exciting & lot of fun (told you, I am a Web Analytics geek - no way I can hide it). But most important, it is rich in learning.

But it would not have been possible without you – yes you, behind your screen (or PDA, smartphone or whatever device). You, who spent time reading my posts, leaving comments or to forwarding/retweeting posts. You who added me to your blogroll or sent me encouraging emails. Maybe it is a bit cliché but I sincerely want to thank you all for your contribution – whether passive or active. This experience would make no sense without you.

And thank also to the 300+ (and steadily growing) faithful subscribers.

A quick look back…
This blog allowed me to share some of my personal experience, bringing in a practioner perspective that I think is sometimes missing in this world of Web Analytics gurus, experts and consultants.

It gave me the opportunity to extend my skills and expertise by testing and discovering things that I couldn’t not learn directly through my work (e.g. Google Analytics, 4Q Surveys, Twitter….). And that I could use for my work afterward. And how one can learn about blogs and social media without using these? After all the social media revolution is on the way. Better get ready!

Bit on the downside, I found out difficult to get “conversation” started – it took time before people really start commenting or interacting. And there were few ideas of post that couldn’t make it. Especially few ones relating more to Kaizen principles and processes. But the adventure is not over, so these will be for the coming year. Promised!

What’s next?
Well, I will do my best to keep up (or even improve) with current level of quality – I have still many ideas on my list – and with frequency. I have to admit that it has been a bit quiet over the two last months but I took time to enjoy the most important thing in my life – family. And you all know - children grow so fast… (Still, I am already preparing the future – see pic below ;-))
It is never too early to learn Web Analytics - especially with a book like that one

I will continue to share my experience, opinions & ideas from a practioner point of view but if you have any suggestion or wish, please let me know. These would more than welcome.

Again, thank you all for reading my blog.

Now let's have a piece of that cake!

And special thanks to my wife for supporting me in this initiative.


  1. Congratulations Micheal!!

    You have done a great job of bringing a unique practitioner perspective to the blogosphere and I greatly enjoy reading it.

    Onwards and upwards.


  2. Cumpleaños feliz!!

    Also in Spain we're following your blog, and enjoying it very much. Am trying to put your ideas and best practices in practice over here. Thinking about this: Maybe I should do some proyect again to earn me a new cameo in your blog...


  3. Happy B. Michael, and thank you too for sharing your views and thoughs about why be online, and you insider view of the field

  4. Congratulations and many thanks Michael! Your blog inspired me to launch my own blog as well as the Web Analytics Wednesdays in Lille!


  5. (For some mysterious reasons my replies did not get published in the end)

    @Avinash: thanks a lot for the nice comments, it means a lot to me. Really :-) Thanks also for all the traffic your blog is driving to my site. And of course for all the inspiration & ideas you are giving to practioners like me.

    @Stefvanef You mean that you are not the only Spanish reader? ;-) I am sure you will have other opportunities to shine and have - as you said - a cameo in their. And remember, you are part of the super-heroes team!

    @Johndoe: Thanks! Happy to hear there is some interest in having a "insider" view.

    @Nicolas Malo: Wow, I did not know I was your source of inspiration. You are doing a great work too and especially with the Web Analytics Wednesday. Keep it on and I hope to see you soon whether here in Belgium or in Lille.



  6. Congratulations Michael on a very happy 1st bday. I don't get enough time to read all of your posts, but I have enjoyed all that I've read. I especially like your analysis of your industry. (I'm not a huge car geek, but I always like the design of the car sites, so reading about both analytics and cars is a great way to get geeky!)

    Keep up the great work and here's to many more candles!

  7. @David Waefelaer: Thanks!

    @Captain Obvious: thanks for the feedback. I am pleased you are enjoying my blog and spending time on it :-)
    I will try to keep on with some posts related to the automotive industry. To give you a teaser, I plan to write a post on the use of CGI (computer generated images) in the automotive sector. Mostly end of October.




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