Thursday, April 8, 2010

Web Analytics Wednesday in Charleroi @ Charleroi Expo, 28th of April

I am pleased to announce that Web Analytics Wednesdays (WAW) are (finally) coming back in Belgium! For the first time, it will be held in Wallonia (the French speaking part of Belgium), in Charleroi at the Espace Geode (Charleroi Expo) on the 28th of April, kicking off at 18:00. The Web Analytics Wednesday will take place in the context of the E-Commerce Camp and the WebStartup Day organized by TechnoFutur TIC.

The e-commerce camp will include 7 different tracks including one on Web Analytics - the Analytics Forum. Both events and all conferences are FREE and open to everyone.


The Web Analytics Wednesday will start at 18:00, closing the Analytics Forum. As a representative of the Web Analytics Association but also as a Web Analytics practitioner, I will share my experience and news from the Web Analytics industry.

The proposed “menu of the day” will be:

Starters (Start at 18:00):
Introduction on the Web Analytics Association
Web Analytics: industry & local news

Main course
(audience to choose between):
"Mobile Analytics – what you need to know"
"How to develop an online optimization culture"

Dessert (from 19:00):
Business & Networking cocktail

Espace Geode, Charleroi Expo in Charleroi

There will be also a special “edition” of the Café Numérique and of the Betagroup meeting. Cocktail will be followed by a “Powerpoint Karaoké”(!).

Register to Web Analytics Wednesday in Charleroi @ Charleroi Expo
Feel free to register to this Web Analytics Wednesday on the WAW official site or on the e-Commerce Camp site. You can also register and attend to other conferences of the two main events. And everything is absolutely FREE!

Hope to see and meet you in Charleroi on the 28th!

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