Thursday, February 24, 2011

Time for a change!

6 years & half ago, I joined Toyota Motor Europe headquaters to work as a IT Business analyst for Web related projects. At that time, I had never heard about a strange discipline called Web Analytics. Less than two months later, I was assigned to be responsible of the Webtrends platform that the company was insourcing and I took my first Webtrends training. That was a start of a new and unexepected career path.

I discovered what would become not just a job but a real passion. Over those years, I had the opportunity to work on extraordinary projects, in many different areas (e.g. web analytics, mobile, social media monitoring…) with fantastic people. I did my best to make my company more data driven (for the online area), day after day. I shared my passion whenever I could – teaching the value of online analytics to people across the organization (but also at agencies) and helping them to do a better job. Developing Web analytics practices was quite challenging – often a constant fight – but all together we brought some positive changes (that’s what I like to believe).

But time has come for a change…

Keeping the flame alive
Passion in my work is for me a crucial factor. It is important to wake up every morning with the feeling that what you do can make a difference – even if a small one, even if it takes time. If this feeling disappears then it is time to go looking for something new. We only live once - no time to waste.

For years, I felt like David fighting Goliath – no matter how small you feel, what you do is changing the world around you. But for different reasons, things changed and I started feeling like Don Quichotte – fighting windmills, feeling that whatever I do, no matter how hard I try, there are things I can’t change , that I can’t control.

Passion to Perform!
Fantastic opportunities arose and I decided to seize a new challenge. I will continue working on the practitioner side – with the opportunity to act at a more strategic level. A challenge where I believe I can leverage my expertise and - more important -  keep developing it, discovering new areas.

I will move to the business side  - joining the e-marketing department – so no more IT for me ;). I will work more on a national scope but on a multi-channel context with the ability to go deeper, to work closer to the ‘action’.

It will mean no more Webtrends for me (sorry guys) so new tools to discover including customer intelligence tools! Woohoo! :) It will be in a different industry – still I will continue keeping an eye on the automotive industry.

It was not an easy decision as I liked very much work in the automotive, with such great people and projects but I  know I took the right decision - based not only on "facts" but also my "gut" feelings (both are important).

Anyway, I will certainly tell you more about my new role and challenges in coming weeks (by the way, there is a small hint in this post regarding where I will work).

In the meantime, I invite you to read my last interview (as working in automotive industry) on Emer Kirrane’s blog in the context of her great Silly series. Worth reading (the full series - not just my profile)! Or you can come and meet me at the 2nd Web Analytics Camp in Lille, France (site is in French) on the 18th of March 2011.

I would like to finish this post by thanking everyone I worked with, from Toyota Motor Europe headquarters but also from Toyota national companies, agencies, partners & vendors. I am really grateful to all of you - it was pleasure working with you and you gave me the fantastic opportunities to learn and evolve. Thank you!



  1. Félicitations Michael!

    It must have been difficult to make the switch after so much time developing analytics at Toyota.

    Best of luck in your new endeavour ;-)

  2. Hey Michael,
    I hace been one of the people who have thaught be you and this is a good time to thank you for this.

    Good luck on your new journey!


  3. Michael,
    Congratulations on your new pursuits. I have enjoyed reading about your trials and triumphs on this blog for many years, and I look forward to reading for many more years to come.

    Here's to the practitioner!

  4. Michael - I have enjoyed your blog as well as your straight-forward approach. Look forward to hearing more about what the future holds for you. We're sorry to hear no more Webtrends (for now!) but I'm confident we'll cross paths again. BTW - welcome to the business side. Viva La Marketers!


  5. Michael !

    Congratulations for your new opportunity. By the way, would not it be for a German bank ;-)

    See you on March 22nd for your conference at Feweb.

  6. Hello Michael,

    Congratulations and best of luck for your new job!

    I am looking forward to seeing you at the Web Analytics Camp in Lille on March 18th.



  7. Thanks all for your encouragements (and sorry for the late reply - was off for few days).

    @Julien: Indeed it was not an easy decision but you know when it is time to move on - especially when great opportunities arise. It was something special to leave all this behind but at the same time, there is the excitment of starting some new and that look promising. We will see - for the moment I am taking a break :-)

    @StefVanef: Thanks - you have been one of the persons I really enjoyed working with. I am pleased to hear that you enjoyed it too.

    @Michael: Thanks for the comment. I really appreciate knowing that my contribution is interesting and helpful. I will definitely continue to share my passions and hopefully more triumphs :-)

    @Michele: It has been great working with Webtrends - the tool but also the people. I will definitely keep an eye on what you are doing. Web Analytics is a small world.

    @Hubert: Ah, ah! Looks like we have a winner there :-)
    Looking forward for seeing you on the 22nd of March.

    @Nicolas: Thanks. I can't stay away from Web analytics for too long. So I am really pleased to come at the WA Camp in Lille in March. See you there too!


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