Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Web Analytics in practice: your online analytics strategy – how to get started?

[This post is the third post of the Web analytics in practice series - practical posts on various topics based on my own daily experience – as a practitioner. It aims at providing tips, advices and examples that – I hope – may inspire and help you – whether you are a beginner or more experienced Web analyst]

In my view, the role of a Web analytics expert goes beyond than just implementing tags, reporting and analysing data. It is also his/her responsibility to develop the online analytics culture. In order to succeed in this perilous quest, he/she needs to have a strategy!

Ok it’s easier said than done. Everybody would agree that “all we need is a strategy” but practically, how do I define such strategy? Well, I don’t have the pretention to teach in a post how to create your strategy but at least, I would like to share with you some hints on how you can get started. Ready? So, let’s start first with the key aspects you should consider.

The critical factors for success
In Web analytics, the focus is too often on the technology, the tools and the data. “What?! There is something else?” you might think.  Of course there is! If you want to make Web analytics a successful practices (you know delivering insights, driving actions, adding business value and all), you must address the following factors:
  • Management & governance: Who does really care about Web analytics? Who’s managing it?  Just the analyst? A project manager? Top management level? Does anyone know where it is going? Governance is essential as it will unlock access to budget and resources, it will make changes in the organization (i.e. breaking silos) possible.
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