Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Web Analytics in practice: Using segmentation to drive insights and actions!

[This post is the second post of the Web analytics in practice series - practical posts on various topics based on my own daily experience – as a practitioner. It aims at providing tips, advices and examples that – I hope – may inspire and help you – whether you are a beginner or more experienced Web analyst]

If you really want to do true analytics then segmentation is essential. I like to think that if you are just looking at aggregated data, you are only doing reporting. If you want to do analysis, segmentation is the way to do as it leads to valuable insights that, in turn, will drive business actions.

While there are several “common” ways in segmenting online data – true segmentation requires putting in the effort to have a good understanding of your business (what does matter, key goals...) and to find your own meaningful segments. Such exercise will help you sharpen your business expertise - always a good thing.

In this post, I propose a step-by-step simple example (based on my own experience) to illustrate how to apply “standard” and context-related segments, to drive insights and the resulting actions.

The case: analysing the performance of a key landing page
(Disclaimer: for confidentiality purpose, actual figures and results have been modified but I have kept the general order of magnitude and the resulting learnings are true ones)

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