Thursday, May 10, 2012

The Uptimizers – your new Belgian expert in Web Analytics & Optimization!

Beginning of last year, I decided it was time for a career change. I moved from the automotive industry to the banking sector, switching from IT to marketing. I learned to use new tools such as WebTrekk. But most important, I had the opportunity to develop my Web analytics skills and experience in a multichannel environment, working with great people.

In a year, I helped Deutsche Bank Belgium to successfully build solid foundations of its Web analytics framework and culture with the strong support from management. It has been fantastic time and – based on the feedback I received - I believe I did more than a decent job :-). There is still a lot to do and develop but I will hand over this challenge to someone else.

I decided to take another route, to seize the opportunity to concretize a project that has been growing over the years. I’m now moving from the employee side to the “entrepreneur” side. Together with another partner, we will develop our own company called the Uptimizers.

The Uptimizers - uplift your online business

Monday, March 5, 2012

Coming speaking engagements: WA Camp Lille and X Change Europe

I know my blog has been quite for a while – probably too long some may say – and that many readers certainly expect to see me posting on some more ‘interesting’ topics than “speaking engagement”.  Be reassured – I will be posting back very soon, resuming the “Web analytics in practice” series.

The main intent behind this post is to talk about two great coming Web analytics events – two European ones (and a bit of self-promotion too, I admit :-)). So if like me, you have not the chance to fly to the States to attend San-Franscisco’s eMetrics summit (that starts today), you may be interested in the following ones.

Web Analytics Camp 2012, Lille (France)
The first one will be the Web Analytics Camp in Lille, France. The 3rd edition of this event will take place in the Eurometropole on the 21st of March. Not only it is 100% free but most important – its content and format are absolutely great!  The idea is to promote discussion and knowledge or experience sharing: short presentation (10 min per speaker) on a specific topic and then 15 min of discussion with the audience. Speakers are practitioners or consultants, no sales “blabla” allowed – only practical content.

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