Thursday, May 10, 2012

The Uptimizers – your new Belgian expert in Web Analytics & Optimization!

Beginning of last year, I decided it was time for a career change. I moved from the automotive industry to the banking sector, switching from IT to marketing. I learned to use new tools such as WebTrekk. But most important, I had the opportunity to develop my Web analytics skills and experience in a multichannel environment, working with great people.

In a year, I helped Deutsche Bank Belgium to successfully build solid foundations of its Web analytics framework and culture with the strong support from management. It has been fantastic time and – based on the feedback I received - I believe I did more than a decent job :-). There is still a lot to do and develop but I will hand over this challenge to someone else.

I decided to take another route, to seize the opportunity to concretize a project that has been growing over the years. I’m now moving from the employee side to the “entrepreneur” side. Together with another partner, we will develop our own company called the Uptimizers.

The Uptimizers - uplift your online business

Web Analytics consulting – the practitioner way!
Since April, I became Web analytics Lead consultant and managing partner, together with Peter Coopmans, one of the best Belgian experts in conversion optimization and founder of the Uptimizers. Our aim is to help organizations get the maximum value from the digital data & channels -for real!

How? By offering a complete range of professional services that combines the power of Web analytics and conversion optimization (usability & design optimization, A/B & MVT testing...) practices.

There are multiple reasons behind this move:
  • First, there is my passion for web analytics. I want to continue doing what I love to do: solving problems (that's what Web analytics is supposed to do :-)). I want to leverage the experience gained so far and to keep on developing it, pushing it further.
  • Then there is the desire of providing Web analytics expertise and services the way I believe it should be done. I have worked for years as a practitioner and I have always found something was missing on the consultancy side: the “inside” perspective. In short, I want to do Web analytics consultancy the practitioner way. I want to bring real added-value. Not just data and reports. Easier said than done, I know but that’s what I would like to accomplish.
  • Finally, I want to be part of something new. Building a company is a totally different experience. It is a life project, it’s an adventure... but also a though and difficult challenge. Not everyone is capable of that but if you don’t try, you will never know. Enough hesitations - life is too short to have regrets – so let’s do it!

What’s the Uptimizers all about?
The Uptimizers is an independent agency 100% specialized in digital analytics & conversion optimization. We focus on our area of expertise and leave web design, online strategy, SEA, SEO, advertising to the other specialists. We only do that analytics and optimization but we do it well!

By independent we mean that we are not only tool/vendor independent but also we don’t belong to any media / advertising / web agency. I think this is crucial if you want to put your customer interests first, to remain impartial (no “judge & party” situation) and objective when you provide recommendations and advices.

In regards to Web analytics, our goal is to support organizations along their Web analytics journey, wherever they are, from preparation to the development of their analytics maturity and expertise. We are offering a wide range of services that not only covers the technical aspects of Web analytics but also critical aspects such as strategy, management, analysis, optimization and training. In all cases, our focus is on delivering concrete results, adding business value using a pragmatic and practical approach.

So if you want to be serious about Web analytics and optimization, if you are looking for real experts - in Belgium or in Europe - do not hesitate to contact me. You know where to find me :-)

More about the Uptimizers:

What about this blog?
To be honest, I have felt very bad lately about my blog and above all about you – dear readers. It has been very quiet since end of last year as I have been (and still am) busy with this new project. I will resume blogging and I will keep running this blog as my personal blog. I will continue to share knowledge, personal experience and tips as I did before. Promised.

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  1. Good luck, Michael. I don't doubt a second that you'll do a good job. And let us know from time to time how it's going.

  2. Thank you Stefaan. I really appreciate your support. It will be a challenging task. Even if awareness regarding Web analytics has increased a lot over the last years, there is still a lot of work, a lot evangelization to do.

    And I have plenty of new skills to learn and develop. But I like that :-)

    I will definitely provide some regular updates but above all, share learnings and experience.



  3. Bravo! BIG move!

    Good luck. The independent consultant life is NEVER boring.

  4. You're in for a lot of fun, Michael. Lots of hard work and good times. You won't regret your choice. You are now in charge of your own destiny. Best of luck!

  5. @Jacques: Thank you. I hope it will work as well as you did. I know you have never regret your move and you managed to build something really great. Hope to follow the same path.

    @Lars: Thank you as well for the encouragements - you are among the WA entrepreneurs (with Jacques, Nicolas Malo and Stéphane) who are inspiring me.

  6. Hi Michael, long time no see, and please apologize for the late feedback regarding your new journey. Every door that closes another one opens.

    I just wish you a lot of fun and success in your new challenge.

  7. Thanks for the kind words. The new challenge is going well but taking a lot of my time, keeping me away from my blog :-/

    I will be back soon.


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