Thursday, September 19, 2013

The sudden rise of the “(Not provided)” keyword!

[After more than a year of silence, this blog is finally getting back to life. This new post has been originally posted on the 18th of September on the Uptimizers blog, the official blog from my own company. This blog will NOT be discontinued. It will remain my own "personal" place - for more personal views or opinions. It will also serve as a relay of some interesting posts published on the Uptimizers site. Thanks to all my faithful readers (if still some :)]

This Wednesday, I came across an interesting site: tweeted by Jacques Warren. The site provides information about the evolution of the (Not provided) keywords in Google Analytics keywords based on data from 60 different UK sites.

A quick reminder first: back in 2011, Google began to restrict the keyword data they sent to websites whenever a visit came from secure Google search pages (i.e. using https protocol). The use of the secured protocol became default whenever a Google search was done by a user who was logged in with his/her Google account. Restricted keywords appears in Google Analytics under the label (not provided), instead of the actual search term.

(Not provided) share increased by half in less than a month
Since its introduction, the share of restricted keywords has been rising steadily. But what really surprised me when discovering the data from NotProvidedCount was the sudden rise over the last four weeks – from 45.92% on the 20th of August to 70.9% on the 17th of September. That’s a 50% relative increase.


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